Windows Security Software


Some firewalls that are available for Windows are:



In addition, some AV vendors provide free removal tools for some of the more persistant viral malware:

Trojan Detectors

Some Trojans can be detected by specific tools designed to remove specific trojans in much the same way AV vendors have produced tools for specific viruses.

Worm Detectors

Again, many Worms have specific tools designed for their removal.

Spyware Detectors

  • AdAware
  • SpybotSD
  • SpywareBlaster

    See also SpywareGuard from the same source

  • Microsoft AntiSpyware

    This is beta software but is very effective nonetheless. It does not deal with cookies, however, so Spybot or AdAware are still necessary tools to have in your arsenal.

Spyware Warrior is an excellent site to visit for details on Anti-Spyware products, with some excellent resources as well as comparisons of numerous Anti Spyware tools.

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