Network Tools

The following is a list of useful network related tools I've found on the Net, almost all of which I have used at some point or another with some used on an almost daily basis even now. A number of them are freeware, with only a couple requiring purchase of a license. Although I have not had any issues with any of the software listed, as with all Internet downloads, virus check any files before running. Use at your own risk.

Windows Software

Name Description Size Cost Web Site
Netstat Live Network Monitoring software 257K Free
Proxy Internet Proxy Server 251K Free
Advanced Admin Tools Port Scanner, Network Monitor, System Monitor and more 1.3M $39.95
Server Watch Server and Services monitor 591K Free
VMail Browse your POP3 mailbox, before downloading 750K Free
SamSpade Ping, Traceroute, Whois, nslookup 1.8M Free
Advanced Subnet Calculator Er, an IP Subnet calculator 6.3M Free
TDImon TCP and UDP Connection Monitor 96K Free. Upgradable to
TeraTerm Telnet Client. See also the SSH client addon at
945K Free Tera Term Homepage
WS_Watch Network Host Monitor 300K Free Ws_Watch

Un*x Software

Note, some of these apps are available for Windows NT as well as Linux, Solaris and BSD.

Name Description Size Cost Web Site
MRTG SNMP Traffic Grapher and Network Monitor Varies for different versions Donation MRTG
Nessus Vulnerability Tester Varies for different versions Free
nmap Port Scanner Varies for different versions Free
Ethereal Network Analyser Varies for different versions Free

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